"The doctors have given up on Tinnitus, but this new method, which has proven successful for many, in diminishing 30-50% of the Tinnitus the first five weeks, is drawing a lot of attention."

 AnanDao Presents a revolutionary digital training program:

 Tinnitus 101

How to lower the pitchreduce the ringing gradually
until it will diminish entirely, and eliminate the source of Tinnitus
 by implementing 5 principles

(Especially if you tried everything, nothing helped and you are tired of coping alone.)
A unique opportunity to learn with Ralf Peekel from Germany,
the man who developed the method and cured himself completely this way.
8 weeks online training camp (daily guided practice)
12-month self-training
digital training programs, Webinars + worksheets, guidelines videos
personal nutrition plan, call back service & bonuses
(program details click here)
So, what can you expect:
Discover the real cause of Tinnitus and implement simple and very effective techniques that are eliminating the source of the problem. (instead of spending a lot of money on “instant solution” that are not helping)
Lower the pitch and reduce the ringing in the ear gradually until it will diminish entirely. (By using the techniques and strategies Ralf used to heal his Tinnitus)
Finally fall asleep easily, sleep well a whole night and wake up fully rested with high energies for the new day. 
Be able to tolerate silence and even enjoy quiet activities.
(Just think how wonderful it will be to once again enjoy a great book, an interesting lecture or a quiet walk on the beach)
Stay concentrated and focused during the day so that you have an effective, successful work day.
“I wanted to tell you, that in the last two nights I slept almost  9       hours straight, that has not happened to me for like forever”
Miri, Acupuncture therapist
You will also discover…
How to get rid of the nervousness and over-sensitivity created by the Tinnitus, so that you have inner peace and patience for those around you. (Instead of reacting angrily and aggressively to family, customers, work, and yourself!)
What is the right nutrition that supports your healing and even remove some of the triggers  that cause Tinnitus.
How to put an end to the anxiety, frustration, and helplessness caused by the ringing and hold in your hands all the tools to deal with the challenges the Tinnitus brings with it.
Stop dealing alone and feel that there is someone who understands and guides you on what to do. (You can request any time a callback, real people behind you!)

High school teacher

“Now I have more good days than bad days, some days no ringing at all. but even in the bad days, the horrible high pitch that I had 24 hours a day is completely gone.

What do you get?

8 Weeks Online training camp that includes:

Daily guided practice sessions 
Learning the tools of the 5 principles and implementing them.
(On AnanDao digital studio, available online on any device, anywhere and whenever you want)

Study webinars including worksheets to each theme
Dealing with the source of Tinnitus, the factors, and triggers that are influencing it, and balancing them.
1. Energy management and the 3 brains.
2. What are the factors of influence and how to Balance them?
3. The art of regeneration.
4. The right food for you.
5. Habits. 

Guideline videos
To help you use the tools in the right way and have the right intention in mind.

12 month training:

Special Nutrition Plan
To support the process and remove the triggers of the Tinnitus.

12 Month self-Training Program
15 guided training programs, on AnanDao Cyber studio, to continue the process on your own for maximum results.

Call Back.png

Call back Service
Real people are behind you, giving you support.
Just let us know you need to talk and we call you back!

And if this is not enough, we have some bonuses for you

5 motivation Videos.
Weekly designed training plan.
The full Strength and Flexibility course.
(9 digital guided sessions, the value of this course $187)
To complete your experience: physical strength & regeneration.

Ralf`s personal note to you...

"I had no idea what to expect when I flew to China
I was not even looking for a cure anymore,
I just knew I could not sleep, relax or work.
I didn’t even know who was talking when I was in a meeting.
Believe me, as a CEO, it is a problem.

My teacher could only count from 1 to 10 in English,
I got no explanations, was just shown what to do.
After 5 weeks, I was sent home with great improvement to continue on my own.

So I did, after a few months I healed – in spite of all doctors telling me it is impossible one day the tinnitus was gone!"   

Now, let`s put the cards on the table: 
Mastering Tinnitus is not an easy task, there is no magic pill.
It is a process, so you definitely don’t want to be dependent
on outside help.

This program enables you with all the tools you need!

Just imagine working and actually be fully concentrated,
finally being able to relax, sleep really well and be full of energy during the day.

What positive effect will it have on you?
On your work? On your relationship?


So what is your investment?

We invite you to implement the method, that has helped those who were about to give up, to dramatically diminish the effects of the Tinnitus.

Join us and create a success story.

Your price is:

only   $495 

Full 100% money back GUARANTEE!

We understand that you have doubts, therefore we assume all the risk.
If you trained the full first 21 days with us and feel that this will not help you
send us an E-mail, no explanation needed and we give you the money back.

kopf schatten.PNG

Nili, pensionair

Oren, Insurance sales

“the Techniques are very deep, and the continuity makes all the difference, you have to get up in the morning and say, I make the time for it and do it, the results are amazing

"The techniques are helping me to relieve the symptoms of the Tinnitus.
I feel more relaxed during the day, more focused and I feel better in general both mentally and physically."

“I feel that there is a lot of healing in the lessons both physically and emotionally, and a lot of silence, peace and real joy”

Mali, School teacher

Nice to meet you! 

We are Noa and Ralf Peekel


Husband and wife, students, teachers and experts in Yoga, Nutrition and Martial Arts – Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu, developers of the AnanDao system – the art of good life. After many years working in the field of high tech, we too have experienced a lot of stress and tension, which created an accumulation of negative impulses that had a direct effect on the body. We realized that a change must be made when the Tinnitus hit Ralf.


The search for healing led us to a study journey of 12 years in the Wu Dang Mountains of China and to the teaching of hundreds of people in our school for Oriental Arts, which we founded in 2005 in Germany.


From here, the way to AnanDao was short. We were looking for the best way to bring the ancient knowledge we brought from china to those who need it. Combining what we learned there with many methods we have studied from the best teachers around the globe we created AnanDao.


Today we live half in Germany and half in Israel and continue helping people where modern Medicine can’t and bringing them the recipe for a healthier, happier and successful life.


The system, Anandao combines techniques of yoga, Martial arts, Nutrition and mind work.

“the course creates a real change in life style, and it is an amazing human experience to study with Ralf and Noa, any one who arrives to you is going to win big time”
Chava, Couple therapist
People asking…

How can I know if it will work for me?
If you feel this is talking to you then you have 21 days to check it out and get your money back if you have no success. We cannot say for sure, Tinnitus is a very complex problem, that is why we have the guarantee.

Are there specific hours and time for the teaching?
We recommend to do the practice itself in the morning. However every practice is available online for you to use any time and from any device whenever you want (if the morning doesn’t work for you). 

What are these tools?

Our Tools are a combination of techniques: Qi Gong (We need more Energy) Martial Arts (We need flexibility & Motion) Yoga (Opening Joints to let Energy circle) with the right Nutrition and mind work.

Can you help also when the reason for the tinnitus is drop in the hearing or an injury in the ear?
If the reason is mechanical (e.g. a hit) or through massive noise (inner Ear hurt) than chances are little.

My jaw and my neck are very stiff doctors are saying this is the cause of my tinnitus could you helpIf that is a true assessment we can certainly help, because all our physical Training is design to smooth, relax, soften your Body and let go of Tension.

Why is lack of energy is the cause of tinnitus?
Lack of Energy manifests in the Kidneys they are connected to the ear according to Chinese medicine.  Therefore, if we can stop the loss of Energy, and create additional Energy it will certainly help to manage the Tinnitus. However, there is a lot of Energy wasted by negative thinking, constant thinking high stress levels etc. Our Approach helps you to manage this problem, we deal with the source not the symptoms.

Why do you have to train every day?
(6 out of 7 days)
Tinnitus doesn’t happen overnight, it did appear suddenly, but in fact, for it to appear you went over your personal border (of what you can manage physically / Emotionally / Level of Stress) for a long period of time.
When your inner self could not take it anymore it manifested as an Alarm.
For you as a beeping in the ear, someone else could have had a heart attack or cancer.
Our training establishes first a new focus inside of you.
Then begin to change your daily habits to create more Energy, stop wasting Energy, calming your nervous system change negative Emotion and negative self-Talk.
It is not like a pill, as an immediate effect, but slowly and steady to bring you back to strength and Balance it is a Process which needs time and patience.

In what language is the course?
The course is in English.
All trainings are also available in German and Hebrew too.
Please talk to us.