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AnanDao is an innovative system, offering natural ways to deal with the effects of fast-moving, challenging, modern lifestyle. 

We help you to become a master at juggling Business, Private-life, and Self-care, having top results that inspire others.

The practice enables you to be a razor-sharp decision-maker.

Making the right choices and setting the right priorities to ensure you can deal with every situation best possible way, confident that your actions will help you thrive.

You will make a giant leap forward, empowered to lead a meaningful, fulfilling life, enjoying every aspect of it while feeling and looking great in your skin.

AnanDao is unique in its way of combining ancient Asian practices with research-proven knowledge of modern cutting-edge science.

The practice is especially adapted for people with a busy lifestyle. It is easy to implement, quickly done, fun and available in your pocket.

Where modern medicine struggles to help, our expertise is to provide effective healing solutions to chronical conditions caused by modern lifestyle.

Our Programs

Tinnitus 101
Energy boost High energy
Strength and regeneration
Focus and relaxation

AnanDao for Business presents the Future of workplace:
Cyber Room

Cyber Room

The cyber room is a physical, digital training room in your company that enables employees to take part in short training throughout the day. The aim is to improve individual performance, creativity, and unfold the individual talents.

Strengthening the individual will help the company reduce sick day, increase sales, integrate departments, maximize the effectivity and secures the company's long-term success.

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Our students are saying...

"For me, the practice is an incredible connection inside, to the breathing to my body. In the end, I just feel great, stronger, more stable and focused.
An incredible activity that was recommended to me because of a health problem, and I really feel much better since I started practicing."

Chava, couple therapist

"From the first moment, I was so deeply touched. I immediately felt how effective it is on the body. The practice reduces tension, gives me more energy, I feel there is a lot of healing on the physical and mental levels, very much peace and deep joy. All my cells are happy to practice and scream with happiness."

Mali, teacher

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